The Best POS Systems For Retail and Hospitality Businesses

The Best POS Systems For Retail and Hospitality Businesses

The Best POS Systems For Retail and Hospitality Businesses offer the features that most businesses need. Besides payment processing, they have reporting capabilities for inventory, customers, and employees. These are important for keeping track of business activities and growth.

The POS software is designed with the hospitality industry in mind. It comes with a CRM system that provides better customer relationships and loyalty programs. It also integrates with Quickbooks.

Epos Now

Epos Now is a great option for retail and hospitality businesses. Its POS software offers many features, including inventory management and a customer database. The company also has a number of hardware options to choose from. Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for customers to learn and use.

Its inventory management features allow users to organize products by size and color, track how well items are selling, and receive alerts when they are low. The system also provides real-time sales data to help owners make informed business decisions. Its customer-relationship management tools help businesses build loyalty with customers.

The Best POS Systems For Retail and Hospitality Businesses
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However, the company’s pricing structure can be confusing and is based on the level of service and add-ons chosen. Some customers have complained about hidden fees. The company has a simple online form to request pricing information. This form is a good way to get an accurate estimate of the costs of the POS system for your specific business.

Upserve by Lightspeed

Upserve’s customer support is top-notch and their POS offers a wealth of insight and analytics. However, a few reviews have reported problems with the system’s outages during peak business hours. Additionally, several customers have complained of the need to update the POS frequently which has led to issues with downtime and data loss.

Despite these minor setbacks, Upserve has a robust Offline Mode that allows restaurants to serve customers and take credit card payments even when their internet connection is down. This makes Upserve a good choice for restaurants and bars that need a cloud-based POS with robust reporting capabilities and extra features like reputation management.

This all-in-one POS system is a breeze to learn and comes with numerous restaurant management tools, seamless integrations, and top-tier hardware options. It is also fully customizable and allows owners to build menus, change items, develop categories, and customize their POS for their specific needs. Lastly, it can automatically split checks and is designed with employees in mind.

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS is a one-stop commerce platform that’s built for retailers. It offers POS, ecommerce, and inventory management tools to help you run your business smoothly. It’s also easy to use and has a great support team. Regardless of the plan you choose, you’ll get a dedicated support representative to answer your questions. Lightspeed also has a number of add-ons, including a customer loyalty program, a customizable web store, and more.

While Lightspeed POS has many excellent features, it may not be the best choice for new retail stores. It is more suited for well-established retailers that have multiple locations. Its subscription pricing and payment processing fees are higher than some other options, but it is worth considering if you need a robust back end and an extensive list of retail and restaurant features. It also integrates with a number of accounting and productivity tools, including Agendrix, Homebase, and Sync2Sell.


Clover is a one-stop shop for a small business’s customer checkout needs. They provide POS hardware, software and credit card processing services that can help a new business gain traction and grow quickly. Clover also offers a variety of 3rd party apps to fill in the gaps in its POS capabilities. These third-party applications can support things like e-commerce, online and curbside ordering, gift cards, loyalty programs, and more.

Clover has some of the lowest in-person transaction rates on the market and provides a web dashboard that helps users manage their business from anywhere. This makes it a good choice for small businesses that run out of the office, like home or field services companies, such as electricians or landscapers. The dashboard allows users to stay on top of their team’s schedule and shifts with easy-to-view staff scheduling functions. It also lets them track sales, tipping and refund information by employee. Users can also get access to their funds in as little as three days with Clover’s Rapid Deposit feature.

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