Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Bigger

Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Bigger

Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Bigger if you’re looking to maximize the look and feel of a small bedroom, consider eliminating furniture above eye level. This will keep walls clean and make ceilings seem higher.

Another smart trick is to add shallow built-in shelving, which doubles as a bedside table and keeps the piece from taking up floor space. This also creates an illusion of depth in the wall.

1. Less Furniture

A king-sized bed will overwhelm a small bedroom, so opt for a queen or twin mattress and frame instead. This instantly creates more floor space and will help the room look bigger.

Eliminate bulky dressers and chests in favor of slim shelving that displays your knick knacks. Picture ledges, mounted storage boxes and pinup boards are great options. Stick to light colors, as these reflect more of the natural light and keep things feeling open.

If your bedroom doesn’t have room for a traditional bedside table, try wall sconces instead. They take up less room than nightstands and add a pop of color that will draw the eye upward, making the room feel bigger. You can also ditch the traditional lamps altogether for a more streamlined look.

2. Keep Things Low to the Ground

One of the easiest tricks for a small bedroom is to keep furniture low to the ground. Not only does it save floor space but it makes the room feel bigger, too. Look for bedside tables that are low to the ground or wall mount a pair of sconces above your bed instead of a traditional table.

Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Bigger
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Another simple trick is to use a light-colored headboard or skip it completely and install a wall mounted shelf instead. Shelves draw your eye upwards elongating the space. You can also paint your trim a lighter color than your walls to create the illusion of depth. This works well with a ceiling painted in a dark blue to mimic the night sky and draw your eyes upward even more.

3. Floating Nightstands

A bedroom isn’t complete without a nightstand for keeping books, coffee mugs, alarm clocks, and other bedside essentials. But don’t opt for a chunky table with a deep base, as this can block the flow of your room and make it feel smaller.

Instead, look for a modern floating nightstand that shows off more floor space with its thin legs. You can also mount your lamps on the wall to eliminate the need for a nightstand and keep your space open.

Light colors are design 101 and will instantly make your room feel bigger, so paint the walls white or even a pale gray. If you have wooden floors, opt for a light stain that doesn’t hide natural wood grain. A few simple knick-knacks hung on picture ledges, mounted storage boxes, or narrow shelving can also help create more surface area to display your favorites and declutter your bedroom.

4. Natural Light

When designing a bedroom, try to incorporate plenty of natural light into the space. This will naturally make the room feel bigger. You can also use popular paint color trends like whites and beiges to help the walls appear farther apart.

Similarly, hanging curtains closer to the ceiling will draw the eye upwards to make the room seem taller. Stick to light colored, patterned curtains to avoid making the room too busy.

Wall-mounted lights are another good way to add natural light. Not only do they look modern and stylish, but they don’t occupy valuable table or floor space. A DIY headboard that doubles as a light fixture is a fun way to add height and interest to a bed without taking up any more wall space.

5. Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to make a room feel bigger is with mirrors, which instantly widen your space. A clever trick, especially when hung near the window to bounce around natural light.

Furniture that sits on the floor eats up floor space, making small rooms feel cramped. Opt for furniture that sits on the wall instead, like this smart bed with built-in storage drawers by Alisa Regas, which eliminates the need for a dresser and frees up valuable floor space.

Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Bigger
Free to use under the Unsplash License

Another way to draw the eye up is with tall pieces that extend to the ceiling, like a curtain hung three-quarters of the way across your window or a row of tall bookshelves, as shown in this bedroom by Curated Nest Interiors. Also, nix the standing lamps and go for wall sconces or hanging pendant lighting, which take up less surface area.

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