Living The Resort Life Poolside

Living The Resort Life Poolside

Living The Resort Life Poolside life poolside means you can wake up to a beautiful view and drift over to a cafe where your barista knows your daily zoom meeting order. It’s the best of both worlds!

Greater Palm Springs is a vacation hot spot for families. But it also has plenty of adult-only pools.

Outdoor Shower

Whether you live by the beach or just want to bring that resort feel home, an outdoor shower can be a great way to rinse off before and after swimming. It also keeps pool water, sand, dirt and sweat out of the house and on the patio where it belongs.

This European style freestanding outdoor shower is a trendy addition to contemporary pools and patios. With a simple design and unique angular structure it easily integrated into any outdoor living area and blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

The shower positioned in close proximity to the pool and has a concrete base allowing for quick and easy cleaning of the surrounding area with the use of a garden hose. With a timber slatted wall to raise feet off the concrete and direct water onto pebbles, this shower takes the practical outdoors lifestyle to a new level of luxury and sophistication. A glass cover ensures the shower can be used in wet weather or chillier climates.

Coffee Bar

Refuel for the day with a cup of joe at the onsite coffee bar. This is a convenient way to avoid having to walk back and forth from the rooms. We found the service to be prompt and courteous.

DayDream is open to Hotel Guests and Cabana Guests with a VIP admission rate. Model Cocktail Servers offer first-class bottle service along with food and beverage service at this adult oasis.

Enjoy a delicious and refreshing selection of frozen cocktails and classic beverages at our poolside bar. In addition, a selection of light bites are served here throughout the day.

A calm and relaxing escape awaits at the Wailana Pool Bar. This adults-only sanctuary is off the beaten path, providing an intimate setting for cocktails. This bar serves a full menu of drinks as well as light snacks like pizza, wraps and burgers.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you live in a beach-front new construction home or just enjoy lake views, adding beautiful outdoor living spaces to your property will create the feeling of being on vacation at home. These areas can include anything from a lounge area to dining and kitchen, and easily transitioned from season to season.

Living The Resort Life Poolside

These spaces are popular among families who entertain frequently, and they also offer a great way to extend living space into a home without a full-home addition. Many times, these spaces feature outdoor fireplaces or grills as well as wicker seating for conversation.

Another trend influencing the design of these spaces is the desire for people to connect with nature. This is referred to as biophilic building and has been shown to boost mental and physical wellness.

This accomplished with the addition of a calming waterfall, a comfortable sun deck, or even a custom outdoor fireplace. A beautifully designed poolside living space can be the perfect place for recharging with loved ones.

Outdoor Lighting

Resorts rely on outdoor lighting to set a mood that makes guests feel like they are truly on vacation. Your backyard can be the same way, creating an atmosphere perfect for entertaining, romantic evenings with a loved one or relaxing solitude.

Let your backyard ambiance expand after sunset with a few key pieces of landscape lighting. For example, if your pool or water feature has steps, walkways or other areas where someone could trip or fall in the dark, add subtle directional lighting to show people the way without disrupting the ambiance of the area.

Illuminating your landscaping is a great opportunity to create a design theme that pulls your pool, outdoor kitchen, seating and lounge areas together. Use decorative light fixtures, lighting on trees or walls and the glow of a fire pit to create an ambience inspired by the tropics, Morocco or another destination of your choice. So you can even have separate zones with different dimming controls to control your lighting needs throughout the night.

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