Linus Tech Tips Production

Linus Tech Tips Production

Linus Tech Tips Production is one of the most popular technology-focused YouTube channels. The channel has a wide range of content, including gaming, PC builds, and technology reviews.

Recently, the company has been embroiled in a controversy over the treatment of its employees. The controversy, referred to as the Madison LTT drama, has sparked an essential discourse about workplace ethics and standards.

Founded by Linus Sebastian

Linus Sebastian started his YouTube career in 2007 when a Canadian computer store called NCIX asked him to host a technology channel. This gave him a taste of video production, and he decided to launch his own tech channel in 2008.

Linus Tech Tips Production
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Linus Tech Tips is a passionate group of “professionally curious experts” that reviews consumer technology and offers advice for PC enthusiasts. The channel has more than 15 million subscribers and over 6.6 billion views, making it one of the top 10 tech channels on YouTube.

In recent months, the channel has been mired in controversy. Gamers Nexus and Hardware Unboxed uncovered several errors in the company’s testing data, which was often rushed to meet deadlines. In addition, an ex-Linus Media employee, Madison Reeve, has accused the company of cultivating a toxic work environment. Despite these setbacks, the company is still thriving. Linus Media Group now has more than 20 channels, including Linus Cat Tips and They’re Just Movies.


The YouTube technology review channel Linus Tech Tips has sparked controversy after accusations of misinformation, rushed production, and toxic workplace culture. The company has halted YouTube uploads and promised to improve its processes.

The controversy began with Gamers Nexus releasing a video alleging that the channel failed to do its due diligence on a product and lied about its capabilities. The channel reportedly tested a water-cooling block that paired with an incompatible graphics processing unit (GPU). It then sold the one-of-a-kind prototype to a charity auction and refused to retest it.

In an apology video, several members of the senior leadership team from Linus Media Group admitted to making mistakes and pledged to fix them. However, some viewers have criticized the company for inserting jokes into the apology video and failing to directly address the allegations. Despite the controversy, the company has retained its most popular creators and has continued to grow its audience.


Linus Sebastian started his career as a product manager at the Canadian online computer store NCIX, where he launched the tech channel Linus Tech Tips. After leaving the company due to disagreements with management, he was able to keep the channel by signing a non-compete clause. The channel focuses on technology reviews, including gaming and PC building how-to videos. Sebastian has a large following on YouTube, and his channels earn him millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

He also hosts other channels, including Techquickie, TechLinked, Channel Super Fun, Linus Cat Tips, and ShortCircuit. He has several sponsorships, and he recently filmed a video about TempleOS that features a word salad of words.

The video was a response to criticisms from Steve from Gamers Nexus, who accused Linus Tech Tips of using bad data and unethical behavior in their reviews. It also claimed that they were rushing to produce content so that their videos would rank higher in search results.


Linus Tech Tips’ revenue comes from multiple sources, including YouTube ads, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. This diversified revenue stream helps to make Linus a highly paid YouTuber.

The channel is famous for its PC hardware reviews and step-by-step guides to computer builds. Linus Tech Tips also covers other technology gadgets, including smartphones and gaming consoles. The channel has billions of views and is one of the most popular on YouTube.

Despite the controversy, Linus Tech Tips remains popular. The channel’s revenue is mainly from YouTube ads. It is a part of the Linus Media Group, which has many other channels such as Techquickie, Short Circuit, and Techlinked. The company run by Linus Sebastian along with his wife, Yvonne Ho and their son, Luke Lafreniere. The company also has a podcast called The Wan Show, which is available on various streaming platforms. It features interviews and discussions about tech news and updates. The podcast is also free to listen to.

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